Taxonomies/folksonomies/hierarchies of meaning/semantic hierarchies is part of library science and computational linguistics (machine translation, nlp) among no doubt many others. An important semantic hierarchy used in linguistics are the various wordnets, starting with the original for English from Princeton. So use of taxonomies should be on-topic.

But: would the more theoretical sides to taxonomies, like how to make them, judge them for suitability and quality etc. be on-topic here?If you do go down that particular rabbit-hole you might never come back up :)

  • These are called "ontologies" as Mitch also states in his answer. Commented Oct 4, 2011 at 6:15

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Of course, use and development of particular ontologies -or- study of them in general would be totally on-topic here. Of course, the question may get better vocabulary answers (for particular ontologies) from a language specific site like EL&U.

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