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Title: Fillers in the ICSI Meeting Recorder Dialog Act (MRDA) Corpus

Body: In the ICSI Meeting Recorder Dialog Act (MRDA) Corpus, which label(s) correspond to the Filler class?

I have read a couple of article (e.g. (1)) saying there exist a widely applied classmap that maps the dialog acts onto 5 distinct classes: statements (S), questions (Q), backchannels (B), fillers (F) and disruptions (D).

However, looking at the data set official manual (2) and paper (3), I fail to see which label(s) should be regarded as fillers:

enter image description here

(1) Verbree, Daan, Rutger Rienks, and Dirk Heylen. "Dialogue-act tagging using smart feature selection; results on multiple corpora." Spoken Language Technology Workshop, 2006. IEEE. IEEE, 2006. APA

Dhillon, Rajdip, et al. Meeting recorder project: Dialog act labeling guide. No. ICSI-TR-04-002. INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER SCIENCE INST BERKELEY CA, 2004.

(3) Shriberg, E., et al., “The ICSI Meeting Recorder Dialog Act (MRDA) Corpus” Proc. SIGDIAL, Cambridge, MA, April-May 2004.

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It would be on-topic, but if no one else is familiar with that data set, be prepared to wait a very long time for answers ;)

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