Syntax of 'f*** off has he', 'b******* do they', and the like was closed with the rationale:

"Language-specific grammar and usage questions are off-topic unless primarily concerned with linguistics rather than usage. There are many language-specific sites where such questions are welcomed; see: http://stackexchange.com/sites" – bytebuster, Otavio Macedo

The querent was only aware of the construction occurring in British English. But as it turns out, Devil negation occurs in a large number of languages, including Modern Greek (which I've written a paper on), Irish, and Cantonese. So the reason given for closing the question was, I believe, not valid: just because the question was illustrated with British English, does not mean the question is restricted in scope to British English. (And in any case, the question was about how the construction is linguistically analysed; again, "primary concerned with linguistics".)

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Valid points. I have reopened this question.

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