Recently we've had respite from the Relentless Old Slavonic Etymology Bot, but I think it has been replaced with a few similar looking questions that have recently been posted under a few different similar looking usernames.

Is this the same guy? What happened to Old Slavonic Copy Paster to make him switch to old English bibles instead?


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They are creating multiple accounts to get around the automatic question bans. These accounts are all from the past three days!

https://linguistics.stackexchange.com/users/24711/stanislavkoshckin https://linguistics.stackexchange.com/users/24712/anthonsadalsky https://linguistics.stackexchange.com/users/24714/kostya-dobrov-90 https://linguistics.stackexchange.com/users/24718/fedote-dorofeev https://linguistics.stackexchange.com/users/24721/tedfedoseev https://linguistics.stackexchange.com/users/24724/dorofey-fedotov-94

@Mods, can you please look into IP bans or something like that?


As far as I can tell, he's been working his way through different archaic languages, searching for some divinity in each one. He was doing the same thing on Latin.SE recently, though I think he's been banned now (or at least I can't find any of his questions any more). And now he seems to have spread to ELU.

My guess on his motives would be something to do with Adamic: that's why he's fixated on Middle English instead of Old English, because afaik there's no complete, surviving Bible in Old English.

EDIT: It seems I spoke too soon. He's back with yet another account, this time hyper-fixated on Koine Greek. He's doing the same thing over on Latin.SE again.

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