I would like to know how many questions were closed between 1-1-2017 and the present: I would like to compare the official "reason" esp. "language specific" vs. "trees" vs. "opinion". I believe that this is possible and doesn't require moderator intervention, but I don't know how to do it. I'm not requesting the specific answer, I'm asking for a description of the method, if it is reasonably possible to describe in relatively non-technical terms (not "any professional programmer would understand this").


With the Stack Exchange Data Explorer, it's possible to find out how many questions were closed for each of the top-level reasons. This query does that; you can easily change the start date if you want e.g. the figures since 2020.

Reason Questions closed
Off-topic 190
Needs details or clarity 69
Duplicate of... 58
Needs more focus 49
Opinion-based 33

Unfortunately, the second-level reasons (language-specific, identification/translation, syntax trees) are not available in SEDE; see Please add the individual close-as-off-topic reason in the Data Explorer.

The information is available (for individual questions) in the API, e.g. this example. But I completely understand that's completely off-limits for you; it would even take me an hour or so to compile the data (that SEDE query only took me a few minutes).

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