I've seen that some StackExchange sites have special formatting for IPA transcriptions: for example, look at this answer on Japanese.SE, and what happens to the text between slashes. This seems like a much cleaner solution than e.g. putting IPA in code formatting (which I do to make screen readers separate out the characters, and it also distinguishes transcriptions clearly from the surrounding text), and it could have other benefits too.

Is that something that's possible for sort-of-beta sites? There's been discussion of enabling TeX if it gets enough support, and I imagine there's quite a lot more use of IPA than of TeX here.

  • (Or more generally "phonemic transcription formatting" but that's a mouthful and most phonemic transcription is IPA.)
    – Draconis Mod
    Commented Feb 17, 2021 at 3:48


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