I would like to advertise about Linguistics SE on my department bulletin boards. However, I'm not good at making good looking flyers/posters/anything. Is there one I can use somewhere? If not, would someone mind making one? It doesn't need to be super awesome, just enough to catch the eye and make linguistics students curious, one page size.

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If you can come up with some text, I'll do my best to do the design. It won't be a miracle but hopefully it will at least match the one they have at English Language and Usage.

Anyone knows if the logo is available as vector graphics? What size do you want it to be? A4?

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We have some Community Promotion Ads and ad ideas: Community ad ideas for Linguistics. Some of these could be scaled up and used as posters.


linguistics ad

Of course, you'd need to add the URL for a printed poster.

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  • I am the author, I wouldn't really like this to be used as a public poster but if someone wants to, please contact me about it. – Alenanno Jan 14 '13 at 22:06

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