I recently asked the following question: Are [w] and [j] considered to be consonants?

The question was closed because it was said to be a duplicate of this question: Are there semi-vowels besides [w] and [j] and which are most common?

I respectfully submit that these two questions are neither duplicates nor near-duplicates and that they require different answers. The latter question concerns the number and frequency of semivowels. My question concerns the classification of [w] and [j].

In light of these considerations, I ask that my question be re-opened.

  • James, it's important to accept answers in Meta as well! :)
    – Alenanno
    Commented May 10, 2012 at 8:32

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Thanks for asking. Like I said in the comment, it's true that your questions asks something different, but the answer is covered there in my answer also for your question.

Why do you think it's not? You asked about the classification of [w] and [j] and in that question it's explicitly stated that those two are semi-vowels (or semi-consonants, depending on how you want to call them). As far as I know this is the current consensus. Do you have a particular reason for not believing this is the case? That would help me understand your question better.

Upon further thinking, you might be right. I reopened it and I'll see what kind of answers it gets, but you're right: you're not asking for the same thing.

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