Semantically Analyse words in a text document using wordnet

I think that this kind of question should be considered off topic and migrated to stack exchange. Questions about how to use a particular comp ling software tool are not really about linguistics. Comp ling questions should be about the theory... ones like this one seem decent. Actually looking at the tag a lot of them look like poor questions... but lets stick to this question for now.



The question does not seem off-topic to me, though I find it quite lacking in effort. I don't think the question will elicit quality answers whether it is migrated or not.

In general, though, I wouldn't think questions that focus on particular software tools should be considered off-topic here. Taking this question as an example, WordNet, though a software tool, has been fertile ground for quite a lot of linguistic R&D. And there are tools that linguists and computational linguists know better than software developers at large do. Praat is one example that Alennano mentioned, and then we have Festival, Mary, IMSKPE, etc.

Apparently, he had already asked this question on Stack Overflow, and he was directed to Ling.SE.


Well, if someone asks how to use Praat (for example) for a particular task, that would be on topic. But if somebody asks for a question that requires coding knowledge (mostly or only) than yes, it might be better to migrate it. Not because it's a bad question but because it's more likely to find experts on another site than here.

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