Let's say I want to ask a question about a specif Korean word used in a specific sentence, for example,

다음 대화를 잘 듣고 여자가 이어서 할 행동으로 알맞은 것은 고르십시오

Here the word 이어서 is formed from the root 잇다 and I want to know what happened to the ㅅ and what are the rules for converting 잇다 to 이어서. Are such questions on topic for the tag here in Linguistics? I have gone through some of the questions but non seem to be specif to a particular word or grammar structure like this. Is this type of question on topic? There is a Korean Language and Usage proposal in Area51 but until it get's created this site and the tag seems to be closest place related to anything about Korean language in the SE network.

Would this and similar question be on topic here?


I'm afraid I don't think it would be on-topic here. However, if your question pertains to or , it might still be considered on-topic.


Try to state the question as a more general one that in principle relates to languages, in general. You may need to provide a bit of background (I would suggest also transliterating from Hangul to IPA), such as translating the words and providing a morphological analysis. This seems to have something to do with so-called s-irregular verbs, so you might be asking for a linguistic analysis of such verbs.

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