Footnotes (sometimes they cross several pages) are very common in linguistic literature. Is there a suitable markup for it in Markdown and should we use it actively on this site? It would certainly add to the flavour of the place.

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As both a sometimes-prolix writer and user of LaTeX, I appreciate software that makes it easy to typeset footnotes. But I don't think that such a thing is needed here. Most (some might say all) answers won't benefit from footnotes. It is possible to do footnotes manually if you really want, like this.1 So, I don't think we need special markup for this.

What's more, it looks like this feature request was already refused up by the SO developers: see discussion here


  1. For example
  • Well, Stackovflow may not be wikipedia and in the need of footnes, but linguistics is even more footnote happy than wikipedia. A standardized markup might lead to it becoming a common sight. Though I don't think we'll be able to produce the sort of multi-page monsters I like to show my non-linguist techie friends even if we wanted to. That takes a skill-level of a Lovecraftian nature I doubt anybody here possess (yet). The slack-jawed deer-in-headlights sheer mindless terror as they point and gibber and scream "fooooour paaaages?!" is a sight to behold.
    – kaleissin
    Sep 17, 2011 at 18:19

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