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Suggestions for the design of a font for linguistics

Recently I've resumed work on a font I'm currently developing, meant to be released as a completely free, open-source, OFL-licensed font designed specifically for use in academic and formal writing. ...
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Can I ask about relations of similarity beween 2 or more specific languages?

To give a real example, I'd be interested in knowing more about whether the relation between "go" (movement) and "going to" (future marker) in the Enlish language is shared by the ...
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Would a question about body language or a specific character in a writing system be off-topic?

To be as straight forward as possible, would a question of how body language is perceived by different cultures be off or on topic? And how about a question on the evolution of a specific character in ...
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What is a good example of self-answer to your own question?

There's an option when asking a question were you can answer your own question, as you might know. Is there a good example in this site of such a question/answer? How exactly should it be used?
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May I ask question about identifying of foreigner's name?

I heard some person's name, who's is foreigner for me and did quiet sure that I heard it right because couldn't find it on the Internet. So I would like to ask what name there are similar to what I ...
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Is Linguistics going to pick up the weight of Indian Languages?

The Indian Language Stack Exchange has been deleted from Area 51 proposals. This is immensely unpredicted considering this was a much requested and heavily required question answer forum. Linguistics ...
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2 answers

Would this question be on-topic?

I haven't studied anything related to linguistics since high-school, so I'm not sure if this question makes any sense and is on-topic. I would like to know if there are open problems related to ...
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Can I ask questions about recommended books?

I want to ask a question about book recommendations on Chinese Grammar. Is it ok to post this question here?
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3 answers

How do I make comments on questions & answers?

Just joined the site. This is probably a foolish question, but I see lots of comments on people's questions and answers, but no button with which I can add a comment of my own. I see a way to answer,...
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Is asking for a list of languages possessing a certain feature OK because it's important for typological research?

I believe that questions asking for a list of languages that possess a certain feature have more reason to be allowed at Linguistics.SE than similar questions at other SE sites. Because that's an ...
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