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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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My profile page says I have answered no questions

When I go to my profile page, or whatever you call it, and look at Summary and the headings below it. It states under questions, that I have not answered any questions. How can that be? Quote: You ...
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Bold formatting fails to render when characters wrapped in asterisks are in the unicode character set and not in ASCII

Bold formatting fails to render when characters wrapped in asterisks are in the unicode character set and not in ASCII y⁻¹ **y⁻¹** The compliment of the set of things represented by word y where y = &...
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Since when, and why, are all Question titles in the mobile view overview ORANGE?

Did I do something wrong, does it mean anything or is this corporate design gone terribly wrong? And most importantly, how can I turn it off, please?
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Votes tab redirecting to downvotes tab on actual vote page

When I click on the votes tab, it goes my votes page on HTTPS but also goes to the downvotes tab in the actual votes page. Is this a bug or not?
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Not earning Critic

I've already casted 2 downvotes and I'm still not earning Critic: "First down vote". Hope this will help: There are 2 downvotes cast already for my votes cast. What's wrong with the system? Is this ...
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2 votes
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The votes cast count are not matching

My votes casts on my votes tab is not matching the Civic Duty badge's shown vote count. I'am expected to see "74 Votes Cast" instead of "70 Votes Cast". It is displaying wrongly. It is now 2 hours ...
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The Vox Populi badge

When I'am viewing my profile, it only shows I awarded the "Vox Populi" badge on the Badges > Settings icon > All.
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0 answers

Review queue number not clearing

The number shown for my review queue does not reset to zero (or change at all) when I clear the queue. Is this just me or is everyone experiencing it?
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Change request for linguistics.stackexchange CSS font-family list

Recently I raised a question on meta.linguistics.stackexchange about which fonts are used to render text formatted as code. Briefly: linguists often need to add diacritics to distinguish speech sounds,...
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A flag does not appear in stats

I have recently flagged a question. My name is listed in "closed as off-topic by..." users list. However, the flag does not show up in my profile. It only happened here. Other SE sites worked as ...
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1 answer

I won some reputation, but sometimes it disappears?

So I won some reputation, and now I'm '13'. But whenever I log in again, it shows that my reputation is back to '1'. The higher rank only reappears when I open the notifications and click on the note ...
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2 answers

How come I'm logged in on meta, but main doesn't know me? ... on this SE and on ELU SE

On English Language & Usage SE and now on main on this SE: I am asked to log in, refused entry because I'm not in the database, and then ... on meta, it knows who I am. And here I am. Asking ...
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The Literature Meta has our logo graphic, and vice-versa

As reported on the Literature Meta, the Literature Meta has our logo. We have theirs: Looks like they got switched. (Reposting here to hopefully spare some confusion.)
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