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Challenge Weeks Database

This is the Meta question we use to group all the previous Weeks! Each answer is a Challenge Week, where you can see the questions asked for that Challenge, the topic and of course, the winner If ...
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Challenge Weeks Discussion - [#3] Methodology

(!) NOTE: Information may vary until the start of the Challenge. So keep checking! The Challenge Weeks are currently on hold. :) Premise: This Meta question will be the one we will use for this ...
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2 answers

Banner regarding the challenge week

When we're going to have the Challenge week, can we have some kind of banner in the main site to let people know about it?
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What would you like to see as our challenge week topics?

It's time to propose the topics for our Challenge Week! Some notes: Propose one topic per answer (make it CW by checking the checkbox under your answer); Write them like ## Topic <br><br&...
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What about a Challenge Week?

In other StackExchange sites, a Challenge Week has been set as a sort of boost to the community. What are its effects exactly? Well, for example there is a considerable increase in the questions ...
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