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1 answer

Why is this question getting so many down votes?

Could Gothic ahs (ear of grain) and Turkish ak (white) be cogante? , by user Nurlan, is receaving many downvotes, however, for me, it is but a simple question of someone with a doubt. Of course, once ...
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0 answers

Serial downvotes

I have develop the habit of not taking the downvote too personal, but perhaps all of my recent questions has an automatic downvote. I don't try to attack anyone or defend anything, but simply wonder ...
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-1 votes
1 answer

Not earning Critic

I've already casted 2 downvotes and I'm still not earning Critic: "First down vote". Hope this will help: There are 2 downvotes cast already for my votes cast. What's wrong with the system? Is this ...
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3 answers

Several downvotes today

If I see that three old answers of mine on the Linguistics sitehave all been downvoted today, is it reasonable to suspect somebody is stalking me?
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1 answer

Why was this downvoted: 'Does the etymology of 'affricate' consist with its meaning?' ?

I ask the question (entitled above) to ameliorate and refine my learning of linguistics, as a novice. So please advise what I might have misunderstood about etymology. Please correct me if I erred, ...
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