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2 answers

Is programming term etymology on-topic here?

Can I ask questions about the etymology and correct spelling of technical programming terms on this site? Specifically, we ended up in a discussion over at Stack Overflow if it is correct to spell a ...
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How do I post a question about the etymology of an idiomatic expression?

I posted a question about the idiomatic expression "spit bath" and it was removed for "off topic." Where and how can I pose this question on StackExchange?
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9 votes
5 answers

Etymology questions and close votes

Recently I've noticed multiple questions about etymology getting close votes and, in at least one case, actually getting closed. The reason given was that language specific usage and grammar questions ...
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Etymology: Quechuan (home for homeless languages?)

I have a question relating to the etymology of a word in Quechuan ("guano"). I know nothing of Quechuan: the other three words I'm interested in are PIE (which I can navigate around)(*). I would like ...
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Good examples of etymology questions

I've said before that etymology has a tricky relationship with linguistics: Linguistics is the study of language systems. Etymology questions belong here when they're asking about systematic issues....
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The need for changing our guidelines for etymology questions

This question is prompted by What's going on with the Russian etymology questions? In this particular case, most of his questions are quite universally negatively voted. Though this is the first ...
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