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Judging suitability for linguistics.SE or english.SE?

Quite a few community members seem to agree that my most recent question belongs on ELU: What type of verb is "based"? However, my previous question had two upvotes, and the two questions ...
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Is there scope for questions about teaching linguistics?

I'd like to ask an advice question on linguistics SE about tutoring a classmate in the IPA, which is something we both need to learn for our TESOL course. The classmate has (I strongly suspect) ...
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Linguistics Olympiad questions on topic?

This is in reference to a question recently posted by the user Prajneya which involves a Linguistics Olympiad puzzle. Since I have been into the Olympiad for two years now, at least 500-600 distinct ...
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Are implementation questions about computational linguistics on topic?

I am implementing a machine translation system. Are questions about how they implement something on topic? I was about to ask how phrase-based SMT splits an input up into phrases. Then I figured I'...
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Question from Language Learning: How can we best complement this site?

I come as an ambassador from the recently beta-launched Language Learning site, where we are still in the early in the trying to nail down some on-topic guidelines. Strictly speaking, our sites' ...
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When are language-specific questions allowed?

This post pertains only to questions that ask only about and engage one language. I already read this and the following reason which has been alleged of many of my own questions: "Language-specific ...
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2 answers

is a question about a specif form of a Korean word on topic?

Let's say I want to ask a question about a specif Korean word used in a specific sentence, for example, 다음 대화를 잘 듣고 여자가 이어서 할 행동으로 알맞은 것은 고르십시오 Here the word 이어서 is formed from the root 잇다 and ...
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What does the single word on-topic item mean?

The on-topic page has a list of topics which are acceptable. One is "a single word in relation to multiple languages or a single word/single language". What does this mean? Can the page be clarified? ...
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