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Questions tagged [promotion]

Questions about how to promote Linguistics SE, in order to attract more users.

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3 votes
3 answers

Community ad ideas for Linguistics

In order to promote this site, Alenanno created a community promotion ad to be placed on related Stack Exchange sites. (Currently this is only English Language and Usage, since ads are only enabled ...
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11 votes
12 answers

Sites shutting down, what is our position?

I'd like everyone of you to be aware of the fact that some SE sites are being shut down. What is our position? Today, April 26th 2012 our stats are the following (you can see the stats here): It's ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Referencing own work in answer

In the question Universal Etymology of Words A user wrote an extensive answer based mostly in his own book. Our FAQ does allow self-reference, and indeed there have been many great answers which are ...
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9 votes
8 answers

Promoting the site

Edit notification This question has been merged with an old one "Bad Statistics, what can we do?" since they refer to the same topic, although the other one was old. Instead of closing as a ...
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