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Please don't remove questions from the reopen queue when there is debate about the original close reason

Background: Questions can be closed when 5 members (with enough reputation) think it is off topic or otherwise problematic. Closed questions can be reopened when 5 members (with enough reputation) ...
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Etymology questions and close votes

Recently I've noticed multiple questions about etymology getting close votes and, in at least one case, actually getting closed. The reason given was that language specific usage and grammar questions ...
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Can we no longer vote to migrate to meta?

I wanted to vote to migrate this question to Meta, since it's asking about reputation. But that close reason seems to have disappeared. When (and why) did this change happen? "Migrate to Meta" isn't ...
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What should be done about "language-specific grammar and usage"?

In my experience, "language-specific grammar and usage" seems to be the most popular close-vote reason on this site. And it certainly makes sense—we get a fair number of people asking about the usage ...
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Is anyone reviewing close votes?

Is anyone reviewing close votes? I hardly ever see other people in the list of recent reviewers. Or does the queue not show questions to everyone with the ability (i.e., does it assign a question to ...
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FAQ: A guide to moderation: Voting to close a question

What does it mean to close a question? Who can do it? Why should you do it? This is a very nice guide provided by Ninefingers on the Cryptography Meta Site. Following the example from other sites and ...
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On closing "questions asked in good faith"

In this question's comments, @hippietrail commented ... on the subject of constructiveness, I firmly believe downvoting or closing questions asked in good faith in the earliest days of a new ...
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