I didn't downvote the question, but I can tell you why I would have, if I had. I have no idea what use that information would be to you, though. The quotes from textbooks simply reflect reification of IPA transcriptional practice. An affricate has a complete closure ("a stop"), and there is a significant release sequence. There are different theories of that ...


It is indeed possible that someone was checking out your profile in particular rather than just, by coincidence, several questions you have been answering, but with a mere 3 downvotes, I would certainly not by worried about stalking. Someone was interested in who that Colin Fine guy is, scrolled a bit through your posts, disagreed with three of them, that's ...


Intermediately, the OP had edited their question so as to completely eliminate the question content and have the post say "I want to delete my own question!" instead. It is possible that (part of) the downvotes accumulated while this non-question was up before I restored the original version.


That is possible: another alternative is that someone was reviewing a set of topics that you wrote on and disagreed with your answers. It depends how implausible it is that someone would encounter those answers.

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